We're launching an open widget platform to power all sorts of screens and devices. Whether you're a commercial company, a hobby developer, or simply want to customize you device, we'd love to bring you on to our developer platform.

What is a DigiFrame widget?

In simple terms, a widget is just a piece of custom content displayed somewhere on your device's screen.

This is true of DigiFrame widgets as well, although our specifications are a bit more narrow. This is because DigiFrame widgets are intended to display on screens which may not have user inputs, and on screens that have slow refresh times. This is the case for many electronic ink devices and special-use displays.

This table outlines what a DigiFrame is and isn't:

A DigiFrame widget IS... A DigiFrame widget IS NOT...
  • A customized piece of content installed onto a device
  • Able to be placed and sized in a variety of ways
  • Customizable by the user
  • Able to fetch external resources and APIs, and sometimes local resources (phone photos, etc)
  • Rendered as a flat image, typically from a HTML template
  • Not interactive (with limited exceptions)
  • Not guaranteed to refresh quickly
  • Not guaranteed to be displayed at a specific size, resolution, or color depth

How our widgets work

Our widgets can be built in two manners: a quick template mode, and a richer full integration mode.

Template mode lets you create a simple HTML template, define a few CSS rules, and include a few common data sources (such as the system date and time). It does not require you to do any programming, and is the fastest way to get something up and running.

Full integration mode allows you to write full asynchronous JavaScript (Node) widgets, unlocking the full potential of widget rendering. Query remote APIs, use OAuth2 to integrate with social media and 3rd party platforms, and provide for fine control of rendering logic.

Arriving soon

Developer sign up is not quite ready yet, but we will be piloting our developer portal and open widget platform shortly.

If you haven't already, please sign up for more details.